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[fos-fuh-res] /ˌfɒs fəˈrɛs/

verb (used without object), phosphoresced, phosphorescing.
to be luminous without sensible heat, as .
(intransitive) to exhibit phosphorescence


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  • Phosphorescence

    [fos-fuh-res-uh ns] /ˌfɒs fəˈrɛs əns/ noun 1. the property of being luminous at temperatures below incandescence, as from slow oxidation in the case of phosphorus or after exposure to light or other radiation. 2. a luminous appearance resulting from this. 3. any luminous radiation emitted from a substance after the removal of the exciting agent. […]

  • Phosphorescent

    [fos-fuh-res-uh nt] /ˌfɒs fəˈrɛs ənt/ adjective 1. exhibiting . /ˌfɒsfəˈrɛsənt/ adjective 1. exhibiting or having the property of phosphorescence adj. 1766, from Modern Latin phosphorus (see phosphorus) + -escent. Related: Phosphorescently.

  • Phosphoreted

    [fos-fuh-ret-id] /ˈfɒs fəˌrɛt ɪd/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. .

  • Phosphoretted

    [fos-fuh-ret-id] /ˈfɒs fəˌrɛt ɪd/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. . [fos-fyuh-ret-id] /ˈfɒs fyəˌrɛt ɪd/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. combined with phosphorus, especially in its lowest valence state.

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