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[fos-fyuh-ret-id] /ˈfɒs fyəˌrɛt ɪd/

adjective, Chemistry.
combined with phosphorus, especially in its lowest valence state.


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  • Phosphotriose isomerase

    phosphotriose isomerase phos·pho·tri·ose isomerase (fŏs’fō-trī’ōs’) n. See triosephosphate isomerase.

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    [foh-tuh-jeen] /ˈfoʊ təˌdʒin/ noun, Ophthalmology. 1. an afterimage on the retina. /ˈfəʊtəʊˌdʒiːn/ noun 1. another name for afterimage photogene pho·to·gene (fō’tə-jēn’) n. See afterimage.

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    photogenic epilepsy n. A form of reflex epilepsy in which seizures are provoked by a flickering light.

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