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[foh-tuh-kop-ee] /ˈfoʊ təˌkɒp i/

noun, plural photocopies.
a photographic reproduction of a document, print, or the like.
verb (used with object), photocopied, photocopying.
to reproduce (a document, print, or the like) photographically.
noun (pl) -copies
a photographic reproduction of written, printed, or graphic work See also microcopy
verb -copies, -copying, -copied
to reproduce (written, printed, or graphic work) on photographic material

1924 in the sense of “make a photographic reproduction,” from photo- “photographic” + copy (v.). The usual modern meaning arose 1942 with the advent of xerography. The noun is recorded from 1934. Related: Photocopied; photocopying.


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