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[foh-toh-shop] /ˈfoʊ toʊˌʃɒp/

a brand name for computer software used to digitally alter digital photographs or other graphics.
verb (used with object), Photoshopped, Photoshopping.
(sometimes lowercase) to alter (an image) using this software: Her face is nicely Photoshopped in the ad.
They’ve photoshopped the car onto an image of a beautiful beach.
verb -shops, -shopping, -shopped
(transitive) to alter (a digital photograph or other image), using an image editing application, especially Adobe Photoshop

“to edit an image using a computer program,” 1992, originally, and properly still, only in reference to Photoshop, a bitmap graphics editor trademarked and published by Adobe, released in 1990. Like Taser and Dumpster, it has a tendency to become generic, but if you use it that way in print their lawyers will still send you The Letter. Related: Photoshopped; photoshopping.
graphics, tool
An image manipulation program by Adobe Systems, Inc..


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