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Phthiriasis pubis

phthiriasis pubis phthiriasis pu·bis (pyōō’bĭs)
Infestation of the pubic hair and sometimes the eyelashes with crab lice.


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    Phthirus Phthir·us (thĭr’əs, thī’rəs) n. Pthirus.

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    [tiz-ik, thiz-] /ˈtɪz ɪk, ˈθɪz-/ Pathology noun 1. a wasting disease of the lungs; phthisis. 2. . 3. a person who suffers from phthisis. adjective 4. pertaining to phthisis; . /ˈθaɪsɪk; ˈfθaɪsɪk; ˈtaɪsɪk/ adjective 1. relating to or affected with phthisis noun 2. another name for asthma adj. late 14c., tysyk “of or pertaining to […]

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    [tiz-i-kuh l, thiz-] /ˈtɪz ɪ kəl, ˈθɪz-/ adjective 1. pertaining to, of the nature of, or affected by phthisis.

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    noun a fear of tuberculosis Word Origin phthisis ‘wasting, consumption’

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