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[fi-zahy-uh-tree, fiz-ee-a-] /fɪˈzaɪ ə tri, ˌfɪz iˈæ-/


physiatry phys·i·at·ry (fĭz’ē-āt’rē, fĭ-zī’ə-trē)
See physical medicine.


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  • Physic

    [fiz-ik] /ˈfɪz ɪk/ noun 1. a medicine that purges; cathartic; laxative. 2. any medicine; a drug or medicament. 3. Archaic. the medical art or profession. 4. Obsolete. . verb (used with object), physicked, physicking. 5. to treat with or act upon as a physic or medicine. 6. to work upon as a medicine does; relieve […]

  • Physical address

    memory management The address presented to a computer’s main memory in a virtual memory system, in contrast to the virtual address which is the address generated by the CPU. A memory management unit translates virtual addresses into physical addresses. (1995-03-31)

  • Physical allergy

    physical allergy n. Hypersensitivity caused by exposure to various physical factors such as heat, cold, light, or mechanical irritation.

  • Physical addressing

    networking The low level addressing scheme used on Ethernet. The 48-bit destination Ethernet address in a packet is compared with the receiving node’s Ethernet address. Compare IP address. (1994-12-23)

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