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Physiologic dwarf

physiologic dwarf n.
An undersized person whose development has been symmetrical and at a normal rate, but less extensive than normal.


Read Also:

  • Physiologic equilibrium

    physiologic equilibrium n. See nutritive equilibrium.

  • Physiologic excavation

    physiologic excavation n. See excavation of optic disk.

  • Physiologic hypertrophy

    physiologic hypertrophy n. A temporary increase in size of an organ or part to provide for a natural increase of function such as occurs in the walls of the uterus and in the mammary glands during pregnancy. Also called functional hypertrophy.

  • Physiologic-jaundice

    noun, Pathology. 1. a transitory jaundice that affects some infants for the first few days after birth. physiologic jaundice n. Mild jaundice of newborns caused mainly by functional immaturity of the liver. Also called physiologic icterus.

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