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[fahy-toh-klahy-mit] /ˌfaɪ toʊˈklaɪ mɪt/

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[mahy-kruh-klahy-mit] /ˈmaɪ krəˌklaɪ mɪt/
the of a small area, as of confined spaces such as caves or houses (cryptoclimate) of plant communities, wooded areas, etc. (phytoclimate) or of urban communities, which may be different from that in the general region.
noun (ecology)
the atmospheric conditions affecting an individual or a small group of organisms, esp when they differ from the climate of the rest of the community
the entire environment of an individual or small group of organisms

1918, from micro- + climate. Related: Microclimatology.
The climate of a small, specific place within a larger area. An area as small as a yard or park can have several different microclimates depending on how much sunlight, shade, or exposure to the wind there is at a particular spot. Compare macroclimate.

The long-term weather conditions in a small area on the Earth. Usually, this term refers to such things as the differences in weather between the tops of hills and neighboring valleys, or between different parts of the same piece of land.


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