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[fahy-tuh-noo-tree-uh nt, -nyoo-] /ˌfaɪ təˈnu tri ənt, -ˈnyu-/



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  • Phytonadione

    [fahy-toh-nuh-dahy-ohn] /ˌfaɪ toʊ nəˈdaɪ oʊn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. .

  • Phyton

    [fahy-ton] /ˈfaɪ tɒn/ noun, Botany. 1. the smallest part of a stem, root, or leaf, that, when removed from a plant, may grow into a new plant. /ˈfaɪtɒn/ noun 1. a unit of plant structure, usually considered as the smallest part of the plant that is capable of growth when detached from the parent plant

  • Phytomitogen

    phytomitogen phy·to·mi·to·gen (fī’tō-mī’tə-jən, -jěn’) n. A mitogenetic lectin causing lymphocyte transformation accompanied by mitotic proliferation of the resulting blast cells identical to that produced by antigenic stimulation.

  • Piccanin

    /ˈpɪkəˌnɪn; ˌpɪkəˈnɪn/ noun 1. (South African, offensive) a Black African child

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