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[pee-as-ter, -ah-ster] /piˈæs tər, -ˈɑ stər/

a former coin of Turkey, the 100th part of a lira: replaced by the kurus in 1933.
a monetary unit of Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, and Syria, the 100th part of a pound.
a former monetary unit of South Vietnam: replaced by the dong in 1976.
the former peso or dollar of Spain and Spanish America.
(formerly) the standard monetary unit of South Vietnam, divided into 100 cents
a fractional monetary unit of Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria worth one hundredth of a pound; formerly also used in the Sudan
another name for kuruş
a rare word for piece of eight

also piastre, 1620s, “Spanish dollar, piece of eight,” also used as the name of a monetary unit and coin of Turkey (1610s, in Turkish called ghurush, but originally debased Spanish dollars), from French piastre, from Italian piastra “thin metal plate,” short for impiastro “plaster,” from Latin emplastrum, from Greek emplastron (see plaster). The Italian word was applied to the Spanish silver peso, later to the Turkish coin based on it. Cf. shinplaster.


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