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[pik-uh-dawr; Spanish pee-kah-th awr] /ˈpɪk əˌdɔr; Spanish ˌpi kɑˈðɔr/

noun, plural picadors Spanish, picadores
[pee-kah-th aw-res] /ˌpi kɑˈðɔ rɛs/ (Show IPA)
one of the mounted assistants to a matador, who opens the bullfight by enraging the bull and weakening its shoulder muscles with a lance.
(bullfighting) a horseman who pricks the bull with a lance in the early stages of a fight to goad and weaken it

1797, from Spanish picador, literally “pricker,” from picar “to pierce,” from Vulgar Latin *piccare “to pierce” (see pike (n.2)). He pricks the bull with a lance to provoke it.


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