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[pik-er-ing, pik-ring] /ˈpɪk ər ɪŋ, ˈpɪk rɪŋ/

Edward Charles, 1846–1919, and his brother, William Henry, 1858–1938, U.S. astronomers.
Edward Charles. 1846–1919, US astronomer, who invented the meridian photometer
his brother, William Henry. 1858–1938, US astronomer, who discovered Phoebe, the ninth satellite of Saturn, and predicted (1919) the existence and position of Pluto
American astronomer who made many innovations in the equipment used to observe and measure the distance of stars. In 1884 he published the first catalog of stellar magnitudes. His brother William Henry Pickering (1858-1938) discovered Phoebe, the ninth moon of Saturn (1899), and predicted the existence of Pluto (1919).


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