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Bill, 1871–1932, U.S. rodeo performer: famed as bulldogger.
George Edward, 1825–75, Confederate general in the American Civil War.
Historical Examples

The fame of Pickett’s charge on the right has resounded through the world.
Reminiscences of a Rebel Wayland Fuller Dunaway

This was a fearful moment for Pickett and his brave command.
Three Years in the Federal Cavalry Willard Glazier

General Anderson, commanding the divisions of Pickett and Johnson, was attacked and fought bravely, losing many men.
The Civil War Through the Camera Henry W. (Henry William) Elson

The four brigades on the left of Pickett met a similar fate.
The Land We Live In Henry Mann

Led by Pickett of Virginia, thirteen thousand men charged across the valley between the two armies directly at the Union center.
A Short History of the United States Edward Channing

Is there something that you wanted to talk to me about, Pickett?
The Range Boss Charles Alden Seltzer

Mr. Pickett turned in his chair till he was squarely face to face with his informant.
Pickett’s Gap Homer Greene

Then, as she breathlessly watched, she saw Pickett reach for his gun.
The Range Boss Charles Alden Seltzer

We need the right to pass through your property, Mr. Pickett, and we are willing to pay you for it, I may say liberally.
Pickett’s Gap Homer Greene

If you did, you saw Pickett try to pull his gun on me when my back was turned.
The Range Boss Charles Alden Seltzer


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