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[pik-wik-ee-uh n] /pɪkˈwɪk i ən/

of, relating to, or characteristic of Mr. Pickwick, central character of The Pickwick Papers.
(of the use or interpretation of an expression) intentionally or unintentionally odd or unusual.
(of words or ideas) meant or understood in a sense different from the apparent or usual one.
of, relating to, or resembling Mr Pickwick in Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers, esp in being naive or benevolent
(of the use or meaning of a word, etc) odd or unusual


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  • Pickwickian-syndrome

    noun, Pathology. 1. an abnormality characterized by extreme obesity accompanied by sleepiness, hypoventilation, and polycythemia. pickwickian syndrome pick·wick·i·an syndrome (pĭk-wĭk’ē-ən) n. A syndrome characterized by extreme obesity, hypoventilation, and general debility.

  • Pickwickianism

    [pik-wik-ee-uh-niz-uh m] /pɪkˈwɪk i əˌnɪz əm/ noun 1. a statement, expression, word, or the like.

  • Pickwick-papers

    noun 1. (The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club) a novel (1837) by Charles Dickens.

  • Picky

    [pik-ee] /ˈpɪk i/ adjective, pickier, pickiest. 1. extremely fussy or finicky, usually over trifles. /ˈpɪkɪ/ adjective pickier, pickiest 1. (informal) fussy; finicky; choosy adj. 1867, from pick (v.) + -y (2). Related: Pickiness. The earliest recorded uses are in reference to eating. adjective Very niggling; chicken-shit, persnickety: For growing a beard. A lot of little […]

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