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[Spanish pee-kaw th e tey-th e] /Spanish ˈpi kɔ ðɛ ˈteɪ ðɛ/

[tey-th e] /ˈteɪ ðɛ/
Pi·co de
[pee-kaw th e] /ˈpi kɔ ðɛ/ (Show IPA) a volcanic peak in the Canary Islands, on Tenerife. 12,190 feet (3716 meters).
/Spanish ˈpiko de ˈteiðe/
See Teide
/Spanish ˈtɛiðe/
Pico de Teide (ˈpiko de). a volcanic mountain in the Canary Islands, on Tenerife. Height: 3718 m (12 198 ft)


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