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[pee-koh] /ˈpi koʊ/

one of a number of ornamental loops in embroidery, or along the edge of lace, ribbon, etc.
any of a pattern of small loops, as on lace


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  • Picotee

    [pik-uh-tee] /ˌpɪk əˈti/ noun 1. a variety of carnation, tulip, etc., having an outer margin of another color. /ˌpɪkəˈtiː/ noun 1. a type of carnation having pale petals edged with a darker colour, usually red adjective 2. like a picotee; with darker edges

  • Picot-stitch

    noun 1. a stitch that produces picots, or loops, of thread that extend beneath a row of connecting or finishing stitches.

  • Picowave

    [pee-kuh-weyv, pahy-] /ˈpi kəˌweɪv, ˈpaɪ-/ verb (used with object), picowaved, picowaving. 1. to irradiate (food) with gamma rays in order to retard spoilage.

  • Picramic-acid

    [pi-kram-ik] /pɪˈkræm ɪk/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a red, crystalline substance, C 6 H 5 N 3 O 5 , soluble in alcohol, used chiefly in the manufacture of azo dyes.

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