(Brit, old-fashioned) a person who goes to the cinema, esp frequently

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  • Picture-hat

    noun 1. a woman’s hat having a very broad, flexible brim, often decorated with feathers, flowers, or the like. noun 1. a decorated hat with a very wide brim, esp as worn by women in paintings by Gainsborough and Reynolds

  • Picture house

    noun 1. (mainly Brit) an old-fashioned name for cinema (sense 1a)

  • Picture-layout

    noun 1. a picture spread. See under (def 33).

  • Picture messaging

    noun 1. the practice of sending and receiving photographs by mobile phone 2. the practice of communicating by mobile phone using graphics or pictures rather than text

  • Picture-mold

    noun 1. a molding near a ceiling from which pictures can be suspended.

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