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[pid-ling] /ˈpɪd lɪŋ/

amounting to very little; trifling; negligible:
a piddling sum of money.
[pid-l] /ˈpɪd l/
verb (used without object), piddled, piddling.
to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way; dawdle (often followed by around):
He wasted the day piddling around.
Informal. (especially of children and pets) to urinate.
verb (used with object), piddled, piddling.
to waste (time, money, etc.); fail to utilize (usually followed by away).
(informal) petty; trifling; trivial
(intransitive) (informal) to urinate
when tr, often foll by away. to spend (one’s time) aimlessly; fritter

“insignificant, trifling,” 1550s, past participle adjective from piddle (v.).

1540s, “to peddle, to work in a trifling way,” of uncertain origin, apparently a frequentative form. Meaning “to pick at one’s food” is from 1610s; that of “urinate” is from 1796. Related: Piddled; piddler; piddling.


Meager; trivial; paltry: It was an effort, though a piddling one/ The case was ”a piddly little misdemeanor”/ Make your pissy-ass point again ( first form 1559+, second 1940s+)


Urine (1901+)


[a euphemism for piss]


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