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Piece of calico

noun phrase

A woman

[first form 1880+, variant 1751+; piece meant ”woman” as long ago as the 1400s]


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  • Piece of change

    noun phrase (Variations: hunk may replace piece; jack may replace change) Money, esp a large amount: which would come to quite a piece of change (1914+) A sum of money, especially a considerable amount, as in That car is worth a piece of change. [ ; early 1900s ]

  • Piece-of-eight

    noun 1. (def 4). noun (pl) pieces of eight 1. a former Spanish coin worth eight reals; peso

  • Piece-of-exchange

    noun 1. a piece of plate armor for reinforcing or replacing a piece ordinarily used in a suit.

  • Piece of fluff

    noun phrase A girl or young woman; chit (1840s+) Related Terms bit of fluff

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