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[pee-ser] /ˈpi sər/

a person whose occupation is the joining together of or threads, as in textile work.
(textiles) a person who mends, repairs, or joins something, esp broken threads on a loom


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  • Piece-rate

    noun 1. compensation based on a worker’s quantitative output or production, usually an agreed sum per article of work turned out. noun 1. a fixed rate paid according to the quantity produced

  • Pieces

    [pees] /pis/ noun 1. a separate or limited portion or quantity of something: a piece of land; a piece of chocolate. 2. a quantity of some substance or material forming a single mass or body: a nice piece of lumber. 3. a more or less definite portion or quantity of a whole: to cut a […]

  • Piecewise

    [pees-wahyz] /ˈpisˌwaɪz/ adverb, Mathematics. 1. denoting that a function has a specified property, as smoothness or continuity, on each of a finite number of into which its domain is divided: a piecewise continuous function; a piecewise differentiable curve.

  • Piecework

    [pees-wurk] /ˈpisˌwɜrk/ noun 1. done and paid for by the . /ˈpiːsˌwɜːk/ noun 1. work paid for according to the quantity produced Compare timework n. also piece-work, 1540s, from piece (n.) + work (n.).

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