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[pahy-ker] /ˈpaɪ kər/

noun, Informal.
a person who does anything in a contemptibly small or cheap way.
a stingy, tight-fisted person; tightwad.
a person who gambles, speculates, etc., in a small, cautious way.
noun (slang)
(Austral) a wild bullock
(Austral & NZ) a useless person; failure
(US & Austral, NZ) a lazy person; shirker
a mean person

“miserly person,” 1872, formerly “poor migrant to California” (1860), earlier pike (1854), perhaps originally “vagrant who wanders the pike (n.1)” (which is the notion in Sussex dialectal piker “vagrant, tramp, gypsy,” 1838), but Barnhart, OED and others suggest the American English word ultimately is a reference to people from Pike County, Missouri.


[originally a vagrant, esp a gambler, who wandered along the pike; hence a poor sport, a cheapskate]


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