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[pahy-ler] /ˈpaɪ lər/

of, relating to, or covered with hair.

“pertaining to hair,” 1858, from Modern Latin pilaris “hairy,” from pilus “hair” (see pile (n.3)).

pilar pi·lar (pī’lər) or pi·la·ry (pī’lə-rē)
Of, relating to, or covered with hair.


Read Also:

  • Pilar cyst

    pilar cyst n. See sebaceous cyst.

  • Pilar tumor of scalp

    pilar tumor of scalp n. A benign solitary tumor occurring on the scalp in elderly women.

  • Pilastered

    [pi-las-terd] /pɪˈlæs tərd/ adjective 1. having, or supported by, .

  • Pilaster-mass

    noun, Architecture. 1. an engaged pier, usually plain, used as a buttress.

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