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Pile into

Move in a disorderly group into, crowd into, as in The team piled into the bus. The related expression pile in takes no object, as in Jack opened the car door and yelled, “Pile in!” [ First half of 1800s ]


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  • Pile of shit

    noun phrase

  • Pileolated

    [pahy-lee-uh-ley-tid, pil-ee-] /ˈpaɪ li əˌleɪ tɪd, ˈpɪl i-/ adjective 1. .

  • Pileolated-warbler

    noun 1. either of two western subspecies of Wilson’s warbler.

  • Pileous

    [pahy-lee-uh s, pil-ee-] /ˈpaɪ li əs, ˈpɪl i-/ adjective 1. hairy or furry. /ˈpaɪlɪəs; ˈpɪl-/ adjective (biology) 1. hairy 2. of or relating to hair pileous pi·le·ous (pī’lē-əs) adj. Hairy.

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