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piloerection pi·lo·e·rec·tion (pī’lō-ĭ-rěk’shən)
Erection of hair.


Read Also:

  • Piloid

    piloid pi·loid (pī’loid’) adj. Resembling hair; hairlike.

  • Pilojection

    pilojection pi·lo·jec·tion (pī’lə-jěk’shən) n. The process of shooting a stiff mammalian hair into a saccular aneurysm in the brain to produce thrombosis, used in treating the aneurysm.

  • Pilomatrixoma

    pilomatrixoma pi·lo·ma·trix·o·ma (pī’lō-mā’trĭk-sō’mə) n. A benign, often calcified tumor of the skin and the tissue just below the skin, often occurring as a single lesion on the face or upper extremities. Also called Malherbe’s calcifying epithelioma.

  • Pilomotor

    /ˌpaɪləʊˈməʊtə/ adjective 1. (physiol) causing movement of hairs: pilomotor nerves pilomotor pi·lo·mo·tor (pī’lə-mō’tər) adj. Moving the hair. Used of the erector muscles of hairs in the skin and the postganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers that innervate them.

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