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[pahy-luh s] /ˈpaɪ ləs/

a variant of pilose


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  • Pilpul

    [pil-poo l] /ˈpɪl pʊl/ noun 1. a method of disputation among rabbinical scholars regarding the interpretation of Talmudic rules and principles or Scripture that involves the development of careful and often excessively subtle distinctions.

  • Pils

    /pɪlz; pɪls/ noun 1. a type of lager-like beer

  • Pilsen

    [pil-zuh n] /ˈpɪl zən/ noun 1. German name of . /ˈpɪlzən/ noun 1. the German name for Plzeň

  • Pilsner

    [pilz-ner, pils-] /ˈpɪlz nər, ˈpɪls-/ noun, (sometimes lowercase) 1. a pale, light lager beer. 2. any lager beer of high quality. 3. Also called pilsner glass. a tall glass that is tapered to a short stem at the bottom, used especially for beer. /ˈpɪlznə/ noun 1. a type of pale beer with a strong flavour […]

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