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[pil-yuh-ler] /ˈpɪl yə lər/

of, relating to, or resembling pills.


Read Also:

  • Pilule

    [pil-yool] /ˈpɪl yul/ noun 1. a small pill (contrasted with ). /ˈpɪljuːl/ noun 1. a small pill pilule pil·ule (pĭl’yōōl) n. A small pill or pellet.

  • Pilum

    [pahy-luh m] /ˈpaɪ ləm/ noun, plural pila [pahy-luh] /ˈpaɪ lə/ (Show IPA) 1. a javelin used in ancient Rome by legionaries, consisting of a three-foot-long shaft with an iron head of the same length.

  • Pilus

    [pahy-luh s] /ˈpaɪ ləs/ noun, plural pili [pahy-lahy] /ˈpaɪ laɪ/ (Show IPA). Biology. 1. a hair or hairlike structure. pilus pi·lus (pī’ləs) n. pl. pi·li (-lī’)

  • Pilumnus

    [pi-luhm-nuh s] /pɪˈlʌm nəs/ noun 1. one of two ancient gods of fertility.

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