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[pin-hohl] /ˈpɪnˌhoʊl/

a small made by or as by a .
a for a to go through; tiny aperture.
a small hole made with or as if with a pin
(archery) the exact centre of an archery target, in the middle of the gold zone

1670s, from pin (n.) + hole (n.).


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  • Pinhole-camera

    noun 1. a simple camera in which an aperture provided by a pinhole in an opaque diaphragm is used in place of a lens. noun 1. a camera with a pinhole as an aperture instead of a lens

  • Pincus

    /ˈpɪŋkəs/ noun 1. Gregory Goodwin. 1903–67, US physiologist, whose work on steroid hormones led to the development of the first contraceptive pill Pincus Pin·cus (pĭng’kəs, pĭn’-), Gregory Goodwin. 1903-1967. American physiologist. Through his studies of natural hormones that inhibit ovulation in mammals, he developed the first effective oral contraceptive, which was first tested in 1954.

  • Pin-curl

    [pin-kurl] /ˈpɪnˌkɜrl/ verb (used with object) 1. to curl (the hair) by using clips or hairpins. noun 1. a dampened curl that is kept in place by a clip or hairpin. noun 1. a small section of hair wound in a circle and secured with a hairpin to set it in a curl

  • Pin-clover

    noun 1. .

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