[pans-ney, pins-; French pans-ney] /ˈpænsˌneɪ, ˈpɪns-; French pɛ̃sˈneɪ/

noun, plural pince-nez
[pans-neyz, pins-; French pans-ney] /ˈpænsˌneɪz, ˈpɪns-; French pɛ̃sˈneɪ/ (Show IPA)
a pair of glasses held on the face by a spring that grips the nose.
/ˈpænsˌneɪ; ˈpɪns-; French pɛ̃sne/
noun (pl) pince-nez
eyeglasses that are held in place only by means of a clip over the bridge of the nose

folding eyeglasses, 1876, French, literally “pinch-nose,” from pincer “to pinch” (see pinch (v.)) + nez “nose” (see nose (n.)).

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