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Pinch graft

pinch graft n.
A graft made with small bits of partial-thickness or full-thickness skin.


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  • Pinch-gut

    noun A miser; tightwad (1659+)

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    [pinch-hit] /ˈpɪntʃˈhɪt/ verb (used without object), pinch-hit, pinch-hitting. 1. Baseball. to serve as a pinch hitter. 2. Informal. to substitute for someone, especially in an emergency. verb (used with object), pinch-hit, pinch-hitting. 3. Baseball. to get, or make (a hit) in pinch-hitting. noun, Baseball. 1. a hit made by a pinch hitter. verb (intransitive) -hits, […]

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    [pinch-pen-ee] /ˈpɪntʃˌpɛn i/ noun, plural pinchpennies. 1. a miser or niggard. adjective 2. stingy; miserly; niggardly. /ˈpɪntʃˌpɛnɪ/ adjective 1. niggardly; miserly noun (pl) -nies 2. a miserly person; niggard adjective : your pinchpenny budgets noun A miser; pinch-gut, tightwad (1412+)

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