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the plant family Pinaceae, characterized by mostly evergreen, resinous trees having narrow, often needlelike leaves, male flowers in catkinlike clusters, and scaly female flowers that develop into fruit in the form of a woody cone, and including cedar (genus Cedrus), fir, hemlock, larch, pine, and spruce.


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  • Pine-finch

    noun 1. .

  • Pine-grosbeak

    noun 1. a large grosbeak, Pinicola enucleator, of coniferous forests of northern North America and Eurasia, the male of which has rose and gray plumage.

  • Pinel

    [pee-nel] /piˈnɛl/ noun 1. Phillippe [fee-leep] /fiˈlip/ (Show IPA), 1745–1826, French physician: reformer in the treatment and care of the mentally ill. Pinel Pi·nel (pē-něl’), Philippe. 1745-1826. French physician and pioneer of psychiatry who made reforms that led to more humane treatment for the mentally ill and began the classification of a number of mental […]

  • Pineland

    [pahyn-land, -luh nd] /ˈpaɪnˌlænd, -lənd/ noun 1. Often, pinelands. an area or region covered largely with forest: He longed for the pinelands of his home state.

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