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[pin-ee-uh l, pahy-nee-, pahy-nee-] /ˈpɪn i əl, ˈpaɪ ni-, paɪˈni-/

resembling a pine cone in shape.
of or relating to the .
/ˈpɪnɪəl; paɪˈniːəl/
resembling a pine cone
of or relating to the pineal gland

1680s, in reference to the gland in the brain, from French pinéal, literally “like a pine cone,” from Latin pinea “pine cone,” from pinus “pine tree” (see pine (n.)).

pineal pin·e·al (pĭn’ē-əl, pī’nē-)


Read Also:

  • Pineal-body

    noun 1. (formerly) the pineal gland. pineal body n. A small, unpaired, flattened glandular structure lying in the depression between the two superior colliculi of the brain and secreting the hormone melatonin. Also called conarium, epiphysis, pineal gland.

  • Pineal-apparatus

    noun 1. a median outgrowth of the roof of the diencephalon in vertebrates that in some develops into the pineal eye and in others into the pineal gland. 2. .

  • Pinealectomy

    pinealectomy pin·e·al·ec·to·my (pĭn’ē-ə-lěk’tə-mē, pī’nē-) n. Surgical removal of the pineal body.

  • Pineal-eye

    noun 1. an eyelike structure that develops from the pineal apparatus in certain cold-blooded vertebrates. noun 1. an outgrowth of the pineal gland that forms an eyelike structure on the top of the head in certain cold-blooded vertebrates pineal eye (pĭn’ē-əl, pī’nē-əl) A sensory structure capable of light reception, appearing as a spot on the […]

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