[pahyn-sap] /ˈpaɪnˌsæp/

either of two parasitic or saprophytic plants of the genus Monotropa, especially the tawny or reddish M. hypopithys (false beechdrops) of eastern North America.

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  • Pine-siskin

    noun 1. a small, North American finch, Carduelis pinus, of coniferous forests, having yellow markings on the wings and tail.

  • Pine-snake

    noun 1. any of several subspecies of bullsnake of the eastern and southeastern U.S., chiefly in pine woods: now threatened.

  • Pine-straw

    noun, Chiefly Southern U.S. 1. fallen pine needles.

  • Pine-tar

    noun 1. a very viscid, blackish-brown liquid having an odor resembling that of turpentine, obtained by the destructive distillation of pine wood, used in paints, roofing, soaps, and, medicinally, for skin infections. noun 1. a brown or black semisolid or viscous substance, produced by the destructive distillation of pine wood, used in roofing compositions, paints, […]

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    n. Old English pintreow; see pine (n.) + tree (n.).

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