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[pahy-nee-tuh m] /paɪˈni təm/

noun, plural pineta
[pahy-nee-tuh] /paɪˈni tə/ (Show IPA)
an arboretum of pines and coniferous trees.
noun (pl) -ta (-tə)
an area of land where pine trees and other conifers are grown


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    [pahyn-vil] /ˈpaɪn vɪl/ noun 1. a town in central Louisiana.

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    noun 1. . noun 1. any of a widespread genus of voles, Pitymys, having small ears and a short tail; especially the American forest-dwelling mouse P. pinetorum.

  • Pine-warbler

    noun 1. a warbler, Dendroica pinus, inhabiting pine forests of the southeastern U.S.

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