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a cocktail made with gin, grenadine, and the white of eggs, shaken and strained before serving.
(often initial capital letters) a female volunteer in a hospital, usually wearing a pink uniform or pinafore.


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  • Pink lemonade

    noun a pink-colored lemonade, created by adding food coloring or a juice like grenadine or grape Word Origin 1872 Usage Note U.S.

  • Pink-noise

    noun 1. a random signal within the audible frequency range whose amplitude decreases as frequency increases, maintaining constant audio power per frequency increment. noun 1. noise containing a mixture of frequencies, but excluding higher frequencies noun random white noise that has been adjusted so there is equal energy per octave

  • Pin-knot

    noun 1. a knot in lumber less than 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) in diameter.

  • Pinko

    [ping-koh] /ˈpɪŋ koʊ/ Older Slang: Disparaging. noun, plural pinkos, pinkoes. 1. a person with left-wing, but not extreme, political opinions. 2. a person who leans toward communist ideology. adjective 3. 1 (def 10). /ˈpɪŋkəʊ/ noun (mainly US, derogatory) (pl) -os, -oes 1. a person regarded as mildly left-wing n. 1936, derogatory slang form of pink […]

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