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Pinky bar

trademark (NZ) a chocolate-covered marshmallow bar


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  • Pinky-crooker

    noun A person of affectedly refined tastes and manners: You’ll find only the pinky-crookers at the concerts (1970s+)

  • Pinky-ringed

    adjective Wearing a ring on the little finger, taken as an indication of raffishness or criminality: A bespectacled, pinky-ringed chain-smoker, he used lingo straight out of Damon Runyon (1980s+)

  • Pin-mark

    noun 1. the circular indentation on the upper part of a type body, made by the pin that ejects the type from the caster.

  • Pin-money

    noun 1. any small sum set aside for nonessential minor expenditures. 2. (formerly) an allowance of money given by a husband to his wife for her personal expenditures. noun 1. an allowance by a husband to his wife for personal expenditure 2. money saved or earned to be used for incidental expenses Small amounts of […]

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