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  • Pinosome

    pinosome pin·o·some (pĭn’ə-sōm’, pī’nə-) n. A fluid-filled vacuole formed by pinocytosis.

  • Pining

    [pahyn] /paɪn/ verb (used without object), pined, pining. 1. to yearn deeply; suffer with longing; long painfully (often followed by for): to pine for one’s home and family. 2. to fail gradually in health or vitality from grief, regret, or longing (often followed by away): Separated by their families, the lovers pined away. 3. Archaic. […]

  • Pinhole pupil

    pinhole pupil pin·hole pupil (pĭn’hōl’) n. An extremely contracted pupil of the eye.

  • Piniform

    piniform pin·i·form (pĭn’ə-fôrm’, pī’nə-) adj. Having the form of a pine cone.

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