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[pin-point] /ˈpɪnˌpɔɪnt/

the of a .
a trifle; pinhead.
a tiny spot or sharp .
verb (used with object)
to locate or describe exactly or precisely:
to pinpoint the problem.
exact; precise:
pinpoint accuracy.
verb (transitive)
to locate or identify exactly: to pinpoint a problem, to pinpoint a place on a map
an insignificant or trifling thing
the point of a pin
(modifier) exact: a pinpoint aim

also pin-point, “point of a pin,” 1849, from pin (n.) + point (n.). Taken into aeronautics in sense “place identified from the air,” hence verb meaning “locate precisely” (1917), which originally was aviators’ slang. Related: Pinpointed; pinpointing. As an adjective, “performed with precisional accuracy,” 1944, originally of aerial bombing.


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