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[pin-yuh n, peen-yohn, peen-yohn; Spanish pee-nyawn] /ˈpɪn yən, ˈpin yoʊn, pinˈyoʊn; Spanish piˈnyɔn/

noun, plural piñons Spanish, piñones
[pee-nyaw-nes] /piˈnyɔ nɛs/ (Show IPA)
Also, pinyon. Also called pinyon pine, nut pine. any of several pines of southwestern North America, as Pinus monophylla or P. edulis, bearing edible, nutlike seeds.
Also called piñon nut. the seed.
[pin-yuh n, peen-yohn, peen-yohn] /ˈpɪn yən, ˈpin yoʊn, pinˈyoʊn/
(def 1).


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