[pahyp-dreem] /ˈpaɪpˌdrim/

verb (used without object), pipe-dreamed or pipe-dreamt, pipe-dreaming.
to indulge in pipe dreams; fantasize.
any fantastic notion, hope, or story:
Her plans for a movie career are just a pipe dream.
a fanciful or impossible plan or hope

1870; the sort of improbable fantasy one has while smoking opium; from pipe (n.1) + dream (n.). Old English pipdream meant “piping.”

noun phrase

An improbable and visionary hope, ideal, scheme, etc, such as an opium smoker might have: He has some ambitious plans, mostly pipe dreams (1896+)
A fantastic notion or vain hope, as in I’d love to have one home in the mountains and another at the seashore, but that’s just a pipe dream. Alluding to the fantasies induced by smoking an opium pipe, this term has been used more loosely since the late 1800s.

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