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the Dutchman’s-pipe.


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  • Pipewort

    /ˈpaɪpˌwɜːt/ noun 1. a perennial plant, Eriocaulon septangulare, of wet places in W Republic of Ireland, the Scottish Hebrides, and the eastern US, having a twisted flower stalk and a greenish-grey scaly flower head: family Eriocaulaceae

  • Pipe-wrench

    noun 1. a tool having two toothed jaws, one fixed and the other free to grip pipes and other tubular objects when the tool is turned in one direction only.

  • Pipi

    [pee-pee] /ˈpi pi/ noun, plural pipi, pipis. 1. an edible bivalve of eastern Australia, Plebidonax deltoides. 2. an edible bivalve of New Zealand, Mesodesma novae-zelandiae. /ˈpɪpiː/ noun (pl) pipi, pipis 1. any of various shellfishes, esp Plebidonax deltoides of Australia or Mesodesma novae-zelandiae of New Zealand

  • Piping

    [pahy-ping] /ˈpaɪ pɪŋ/ noun 1. collectively; a system or network of . 2. material formed into a or . 3. the act of a person or thing that . 4. the sound of . 5. a shrill sound. 6. the music of . 7. a cordlike ornamentation made of icing, used on pastry. 8. a […]

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