Pipes of pan

plural noun
another term for panpipes

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  • Pipe someone off

    verb phrase To blacklist someone [1940s+ Nautical; fr the nautical practice of blowing the boatswain’s pipe to welcome someone aboard or usher someone off a ship]

  • Pipestem

    [pahyp-stem] /ˈpaɪpˌstɛm/ noun 1. the of a tobacco . 2. something resembling this in slenderness, as an unusually thin arm or leg.

  • Pipestone

    [pahyp-stohn] /ˈpaɪpˌstoʊn/ noun 1. a reddish argillaceous used by North American Indians for making tobacco . /ˈpaɪpˌstəʊn/ noun 1. a variety of consolidated red clay used by Native Americans to make tobacco pipes

  • Pipet

    [pahy-pet, pi-] /paɪˈpɛt, pɪ-/ noun, verb (used with object), pipetted, pipetting. 1. .

  • Pipette

    [pahy-pet, pi-] /paɪˈpɛt, pɪ-/ noun 1. a slender graduated tube used in a laboratory for measuring and transferring quantities of liquids from one container to another. verb (used with object), pipetted, pipetting. 2. to measure or transfer a quantity of a liquid with a pipette. /pɪˈpɛt/ noun 1. a calibrated glass tube drawn to a […]

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