[pip-in] /ˈpɪp ɪn/

any of numerous roundish or oblate varieties of apple.
Botany. a seed.
any of several varieties of eating apple with a rounded oblate shape
the seed of any of these fruits

“excellent person or thing,” 1897, from coveted varieties of apple that were raised from seed (so called since early 15c.), from Middle English pipin “seed” (see pip (n.1)).


: a pipperoo flick

noun phrase

A person or thing that is remarkable, wonderful, superior, etc; beaut, humdinger: His wildest dreams have to be pips ( first form 1912+, second 1942+, third 1897+)

[fr pippin, a prized kind of apple; the shift was probably fr peach as one kind of excellent fruit to pippin as another]

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