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[pahy-seen, pis-ahyn, -een, -in] /ˈpaɪ sin, ˈpɪs aɪn, -in, -ɪn/

of, relating to, or resembling a fish or fishes.
of, relating to, or resembling a fish

c.1300, “reservoir, bathing pool,” from Old French piscine “fishpond,” from Latin piscina, from piscis “a fish” (see fish (n.)). Ecclesiastical sense is from late 15c., from Medieval Latin piscina. As an adjective from 1799.
(pī’sēn’, pĭs’īn’)
Relating to or characteristic of fishes.


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    [pahy-sis aw-strahy-nuh s, pis-is] /ˈpaɪ sɪs ɔˈstraɪ nəs, ˈpɪs ɪs/ noun, genitive Piscis Austrini [pahy-sis aw-strahy-nahy, pis-is] /ˈpaɪ sɪs ɔˈstraɪ naɪ, ˈpɪs ɪs/ (Show IPA). Astronomy. 1. the Southern Fish, a southern constellation between Aquarius and Grus, containing the bright star Fomalhaut. /ˈpɪsɪs ɒˈstraɪnəs; ˈpaɪ-/ noun (Latin genitive) Piscis Austrini (ɒˈstraɪnaɪ) 1. a small constellation […]

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    [pi-siv-er-uh s] /pɪˈsɪv ər əs/ adjective 1. adapted to feeding on fish; fish-eating. /pɪˈsɪvərəs/ adjective 1. feeding on fish: piscivorous birds adj. 1660s, from Latin piscis “fish” (see fish (n.)) + -vorous. piscivorous (pĭ-sĭv’ər-əs, pī-) Habitually feeding on fish. Terns and cormorants are piscivorous birds.

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