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Piss in the wind

verb phrase

To waste one’s time and effort: Why do you think the smart people get out of the job? Because they realize they’re pissing into the wind

[1980s+; he who pisseth against the wind, wetteth his shirt is found as an Italian proverb by 1642]


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    [pis] /pɪs/ Vulgar. noun 1. . verb (used without object), pissed, pissing. 2. to urinate. Idioms 3. piss away, Slang. to squander; fritter away: 4. piss off, Slang. 5. take a piss, to urinate. /pɪs/ verb 1. (intransitive) to urinate 2. (transitive) to discharge as or in one’s urine: to piss blood noun 3. an […]

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    verb phrase To dismiss or treat contemptuously; defile or violate; a DAMN, fuck, sod •Often used as an angry and defiant dismissal: I said thanks for the flower. He said piss on the flowers (1720+)

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    verb phrase To live well; eat high on the hog, shit in high cotton [1950+; fr the practice of putting cakes of ice in the urinals of expensive restaurants and clubs]

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