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[pis-poo r] /ˈpɪsˈpʊər/

adjective, Slang: Vulgar.
of extremely inferior or disappointing quality or rating.
(slang) of a contemptibly low standard or quality; pathetic

of very poor quality; thoroughly unsatisfactory or inadequate; also written pisspoor
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  • Piss someone off

    verb phrase To make angry; arouse indignation (WWII armed forces)

  • Pisspot

    [pis-pot] /ˈpɪsˌpɒt/ noun, Vulgar. 1. a . 2. Slang. a despicable person. noun a chamber pot

  • Piss something away

    verb phrase To waste and dissipate something foolishly; squander: There was a part of him that wanted to piss it away and be a loser (1930s+)

  • Piss-take

    noun (informal) 1. something that is done to tease or make fun of someone or something; a parody or lampoon

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