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[pis-tl-eer] /ˌpɪs tlˈɪər/

noun, Archaic.
a person, especially a soldier, who uses or is armed with a .
(obsolete) a person, esp a soldier, who is armed with or fires a pistol

also pistoleer, 1570s from obsolete French pistolier, from pistole (see pistol).


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  • Pistology

    [pi-stol-uh-jee] /pɪˈstɒl ə dʒi/ noun 1. the branch of theology dealing with faith. noun the study of faith within theology

  • Pistol pete

    noun phrase A zealous and effective lover; cocksman [1940s+; fr the usual jocular analogue between pistol and ”penis,” ”shooting” and having an orgasm, etc, reinforced by alliteration and the fact that Peter means ”penis”]

  • Pistol-shrimp

    noun 1. . noun 1. any common shrimp of the family Alphaeidae, distinguished by the snapping sound made by its enlarged claw.

  • Pistol-whip

    [pis-tl-hwip, -wip] /ˈpɪs tlˌʰwɪp, -ˌwɪp/ verb (used with object), pistol-whipped, pistol-whipping. 1. to beat or hit (someone) repeatedly with a pistol, especially in the head and shoulder area. verb -whips, -whipping, -whipped 1. (transitive) to beat or strike with a pistol barrel

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