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noun, Metallurgy.
a sample of new steel taken for chemical analysis during teeming.


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  • Pitsaw

    [pit-saw] /ˈpɪtˌsɔ/ noun 1. a two-handed used in . /ˈpɪtˌsɔː/ noun 1. a large saw formerly used for cutting logs into planks, operated by two men, one standing on top of the log and the other in a pit underneath it

  • Pit-sawing

    noun 1. a method of sawing logs or timbers, as into boards, in which the piece to be cut is laid horizontally across a pit and cut by a saw operated vertically by two people, one above and one in the pit below the piece.

  • Pit-sawn

    adjective 1. (of timber, esp formerly) sawn into planks by hand in a saw-pit

  • Pit-scale

    noun 1. any of various small oval-shaped homopterous insects of the family Asterolecaniidae, the female members of which have their bodies embedded in a waxy mass, as in the destructive Cerococcus quercus ((oak wax scale) or (oak scale)) or covered with a waxy film.

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