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noun, Machinery.
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(in a gear or rack) an imaginary surface forming a plane (pitch plane) a cylinder (pitch cylinder) or a cone or frustrum (pitch cone) that moves tangentially to a similar surface in a meshing gear so that both surfaces travel at the same speed.


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  • Pitchpole

    [pich-pohl] /ˈpɪtʃˌpoʊl/ verb (used without object), pitchpoled, pitchpoling. 1. (of a boat) to capsize end over end, as in heavy surf.

  • Pitchpot

    [pich-pot] /ˈpɪtʃˌpɒt/ noun 1. a used by sailors for heating .

  • Pitch-shot

    noun, Golf. 1. a shot in which the ball is hit high into the air and with backspin to ensure little roll upon landing, used in approaching the green.

  • Pitchstone

    [pich-stohn] /ˈpɪtʃˌstoʊn/ noun 1. a glassy volcanic rock having a resinous luster and resembling hardened pitch. /ˈpɪtʃˌstəʊn/ noun 1. a dark glassy acid volcanic rock similar in composition to granite, usually intruded as dykes, sills, etc

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