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[pith-i-kan-throhp, pith-i-kuh n-throhp] /ˌpɪθ ɪˈkæn θroʊp, ˈpɪθ ɪ kənˌθroʊp/

(sometimes initial capital letter) a member of the former genus Pithecanthropus.


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  • Pithecanthropus

    [pith-i-kan-thruh-puh s, -kuh n-throh-puh s] /ˌpɪθ ɪˈkæn θrə pəs, -kənˈθroʊ pəs/ noun 1. a former genus of extinct hominids whose members have now been assigned to the proposed species Homo erectus. /ˌpɪθɪkænˈθrəʊpəs; -ˈkænθrə-/ noun (pl) -pi (-ˌpaɪ) 1. any primitive apelike man of the former genus Pithecanthropus, now included in the genus Homo See Java […]

  • Pithecoid

    [pith-i-koid, pi-thee-koid] /ˈpɪθ ɪˌkɔɪd, pɪˈθi kɔɪd/ adjective 1. belonging or pertaining to the genus Pithecia and related genera, including the saki monkeys. 2. (loosely) apelike; monkeylike. pithecoid pith·e·coid (pĭth’ĭ-koid’, pī-thē’koid) adj. Resembling or relating to the apes, especially the anthropoid apes. pithecoid (pĭth’ĭ-koid’, pī-thē’koid) Resembling or relating to the apes, especially the anthropoid apes.

  • Pith-helmet

    noun 1. a hat made of dried pith or cork covered with cloth, worn in the tropics. noun 1. a lightweight hat made of pith that protects the wearer from the sun Also called topee, topi

  • Pithily

    [pith-ee] /ˈpɪθ i/ adjective, pithier, pithiest. 1. brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning; terse; forcible: a pithy observation. 2. of, like, or abounding in . /ˈpɪθɪ/ adjective pithier, pithiest 1. terse and full of meaning or substance 2. of, resembling, or full of pith adj. early 14c., “strong, vigorous,” […]

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