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Pituitary dwarfism

pituitary dwarfism n.
A rare form of dwarfism caused by the absence of a functional anterior pituitary gland. Also called Lorain-Lévi syndrome.


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  • Pituitary extract

    noun 1. a preparation of the pituitary gland, used in medicine for the therapeutic effects of its hormones

  • Pituitary fossa

    pituitary fossa n. A depression of the sphenoid bone housing the pituitary gland. Also called hypophysial fossa.

  • Pituitary gigantism

    pituitary gigantism n. A rare form of gigantism caused by hypersecretion of pituitary growth hormone, usually the result of a pituitary adenoma.

  • Pituitary-gland

    noun, Anatomy. 1. a small, somewhat cherry-shaped double structure attached by a stalk to the base of the brain and constituting the master endocrine gland affecting all hormonal functions in the body, consisting of an anterior region ((anterior pituitary) or (adenohypophysis)) that develops embryonically from the roof of the mouth and that secretes growth hormone, […]

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